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@@ -18,3 +18,18 @@ gpg.<format>.program::
chose. (see `gpg.program` and `gpg.format`) `gpg.program` can still
be used as a legacy synonym for `gpg.openpgp.program`. The default
value for `gpg.x509.program` is "gpgsm".
+ Specifies a minimum trust level for signature verification. If
+ this option is unset, then signature verification for merge
+ operations require a key with at least `marginal` trust. Other
+ operations that perform signature verification require a key
+ with at least `undefined` trust. Setting this option overrides
+ the required trust-level for all operations. Supported values,
+ in increasing order of significance:
+* `undefined`
+* `never`
+* `marginal`
+* `fully`
+* `ultimate`