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+ Append this string to each commit message. Set to empty string
+ to disable this feature. Defaults to "via git-CVS emulator".
+ Whether the CVS server interface is enabled for this repository.
+ See linkgit:git-cvsserver[1].
+ Path to a log file where the CVS server interface well... logs
+ various stuff. See linkgit:git-cvsserver[1].
+ If true, the server will look up the end-of-line conversion
+ attributes for files to determine the `-k` modes to use. If
+ the attributes force Git to treat a file as text,
+ the `-k` mode will be left blank so CVS clients will
+ treat it as text. If they suppress text conversion, the file
+ will be set with '-kb' mode, which suppresses any newline munging
+ the client might otherwise do. If the attributes do not allow
+ the file type to be determined, then `gitcvs.allBinary` is
+ used. See linkgit:gitattributes[5].
+ This is used if `gitcvs.usecrlfattr` does not resolve
+ the correct '-kb' mode to use. If true, all
+ unresolved files are sent to the client in
+ mode '-kb'. This causes the client to treat them
+ as binary files, which suppresses any newline munging it
+ otherwise might do. Alternatively, if it is set to "guess",
+ then the contents of the file are examined to decide if
+ it is binary, similar to `core.autocrlf`.
+ Database used by git-cvsserver to cache revision information
+ derived from the Git repository. The exact meaning depends on the
+ used database driver, for SQLite (which is the default driver) this
+ is a filename. Supports variable substitution (see
+ linkgit:git-cvsserver[1] for details). May not contain semicolons (`;`).
+ Default: '%Ggitcvs.%m.sqlite'
+ Used Perl DBI driver. You can specify any available driver
+ for this here, but it might not work. git-cvsserver is tested
+ with 'DBD::SQLite', reported to work with 'DBD::Pg', and
+ reported *not* to work with 'DBD::mysql'. Experimental feature.
+ May not contain double colons (`:`). Default: 'SQLite'.
+ See linkgit:git-cvsserver[1].
+gitcvs.dbUser, gitcvs.dbPass::
+ Database user and password. Only useful if setting `gitcvs.dbDriver`,
+ since SQLite has no concept of database users and/or passwords.
+ 'gitcvs.dbUser' supports variable substitution (see
+ linkgit:git-cvsserver[1] for details).
+ Database table name prefix. Prepended to the names of any
+ database tables used, allowing a single database to be used
+ for several repositories. Supports variable substitution (see
+ linkgit:git-cvsserver[1] for details). Any non-alphabetic
+ characters will be replaced with underscores.
+All gitcvs variables except for `gitcvs.usecrlfattr` and
+`gitcvs.allBinary` can also be specified as
+'gitcvs.<access_method>.<varname>' (where 'access_method'
+is one of "ext" and "pserver") to make them apply only for the given
+access method.