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+ Specify an external helper to be called when a username or
+ password credential is needed; the helper may consult external
+ storage to avoid prompting the user for the credentials. Note
+ that multiple helpers may be defined. See linkgit:gitcredentials[7]
+ for details.
+ When acquiring credentials, consider the "path" component of an http
+ or https URL to be important. Defaults to false. See
+ linkgit:gitcredentials[7] for more information.
+ If no username is set for a network authentication, use this username
+ by default. See credential.<context>.* below, and
+ linkgit:gitcredentials[7].
+ Any of the credential.* options above can be applied selectively to
+ some credentials. For example "credential."
+ would set the default username only for https connections to
+ See linkgit:gitcredentials[7] for details on how URLs are
+ matched.
+ Tell git-credential-cache--daemon to ignore SIGHUP, instead of quitting.