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+ Specify whether supported commands should output in columns.
+ This variable consists of a list of tokens separated by spaces
+ or commas:
+These options control when the feature should be enabled
+(defaults to 'never'):
+ always show in columns
+ never show in columns
+ show in columns if the output is to the terminal
+These options control layout (defaults to 'column'). Setting any
+of these implies 'always' if none of 'always', 'never', or 'auto' are
+ fill columns before rows
+ fill rows before columns
+ show in one column
+Finally, these options can be combined with a layout option (defaults
+to 'nodense'):
+ make unequal size columns to utilize more space
+ make equal size columns
+ Specify whether to output branch listing in `git branch` in columns.
+ See `column.ui` for details.
+ Specify the layout when list items in `git clean -i`, which always
+ shows files and directories in columns. See `column.ui` for details.
+ Specify whether to output untracked files in `git status` in columns.
+ See `column.ui` for details.
+ Specify whether to output tag listing in `git tag` in columns.
+ See `column.ui` for details.