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@@ -520,10 +520,12 @@ core.logAllRefUpdates::
"`$GIT_DIR/logs/<ref>`", by appending the new and old
SHA-1, the date/time and the reason of the update, but
only when the file exists. If this configuration
- variable is set to true, missing "`$GIT_DIR/logs/<ref>`"
+ variable is set to `true`, missing "`$GIT_DIR/logs/<ref>`"
file is automatically created for branch heads (i.e. under
- refs/heads/), remote refs (i.e. under refs/remotes/),
- note refs (i.e. under refs/notes/), and the symbolic ref HEAD.
+ `refs/heads/`), remote refs (i.e. under `refs/remotes/`),
+ note refs (i.e. under `refs/notes/`), and the symbolic ref `HEAD`.
+ If it is set to `always`, then a missing reflog is automatically
+ created for any ref under `refs/`.
This information can be used to determine what commit
was the tip of a branch "2 days ago".