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@@ -2684,6 +2684,21 @@ Note that changing the compression level will not automatically recompress
all existing objects. You can force recompression by passing the -F option
to linkgit:git-repack[1].
+ An extended regular expression configuring a set of delta
+ islands. See "DELTA ISLANDS" in linkgit:git-pack-objects[1]
+ for details.
+ Specify an island name which gets to have its objects be
+ packed first. This creates a kind of pseudo-pack at the front
+ of one pack, so that the objects from the specified island are
+ hopefully faster to copy into any pack that should be served
+ to a user requesting these objects. In practice this means
+ that the island specified should likely correspond to what is
+ the most commonly cloned in the repo. See also "DELTA ISLANDS"
+ in linkgit:git-pack-objects[1].
The maximum memory in bytes used for caching deltas in
linkgit:git-pack-objects[1] before writing them out to a pack.
@@ -3218,6 +3233,10 @@ repack.packKeptObjects::
index is being written (either via `--write-bitmap-index` or
+ If set to true, makes `git repack` act as if `--delta-islands`
+ was passed. Defaults to `false`.
When true, git will write a bitmap index when packing all
objects to disk (e.g., when `git repack -a` is run). This