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@@ -1600,6 +1600,27 @@ http.proxy::
`curl(1)`). This can be overridden on a per-remote basis; see
+ Set the method with which to authenticate against the HTTP proxy. This
+ only takes effect if the configured proxy string contains a user name part
+ (i.e. is of the form 'user@host' or 'user@host:port'). This can be
+ overridden on a per-remote basis; see `remote.<name>.proxyAuthMethod`.
+ Both can be overridden by the 'GIT_HTTP_PROXY_AUTHMETHOD' environment
+ variable. Possible values are:
+* `anyauth` - Automatically pick a suitable authentication method. It is
+ assumed that the proxy answers an unauthenticated request with a 407
+ status code and one or more Proxy-authenticate headers with supported
+ authentication methods. This is the default.
+* `basic` - HTTP Basic authentication
+* `digest` - HTTP Digest authentication; this prevents the password from being
+ transmitted to the proxy in clear text
+* `negotiate` - GSS-Negotiate authentication (compare the --negotiate option
+ of `curl(1)`)
+* `ntlm` - NTLM authentication (compare the --ntlm option of `curl(1)`)
File containing previously stored cookie lines which should be used
in the Git http session, if they match the server. The file format
@@ -2407,6 +2428,11 @@ remote.<name>.proxy::
the proxy to use for that remote. Set to the empty string to
disable proxying for that remote.
+ For remotes that require curl (http, https and ftp), the method to use for
+ authenticating against the proxy in use (probably set in
+ `remote.<name>.proxy`). See `http.proxyAuthMethod`.
The default set of "refspec" for linkgit:git-fetch[1]. See