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@@ -117,6 +117,17 @@ core.fileMode::
the working copy are ignored; useful on broken filesystems like FAT.
See linkgit:git-update-index[1]. True by default.
+ This option is only used by Cygwin implementation of Git. If false,
+ the Cygwin stat() and lstat() functions are used. This may be useful
+ if your repository consists of a few separate directories joined in
+ one hierarchy using Cygwin mount. If true, Git uses native Win32 API
+ whenever it is possible and falls back to Cygwin functions only to
+ handle symbol links. The native mode is more than twice faster than
+ normal Cygwin l/stat() functions. True by default, unless core.filemode
+ is true, in which case ignoreCygwinFSTricks is ignored as Cygwin's
+ POSIX emulation is required to support core.filemode.
If false, the ctime differences between the index and the
working copy are ignored; useful when the inode change time
@@ -402,6 +413,15 @@ data writes properly, but can be useful for filesystems that do not use
journalling (traditional UNIX filesystems) or that only journal metadata
and not file contents (OS X's HFS+, or Linux ext3 with "data=writeback").
+ Enable parallel index preload for operations like 'git diff'
+This can speed up operations like 'git diff' and 'git status' especially
+on filesystems like NFS that have weak caching semantics and thus
+relatively high IO latencies. With this set to 'true', git will do the
+index comparison to the filesystem data in parallel, allowing
+overlapping IO's.
Command aliases for the linkgit:git[1] command wrapper - e.g.
after defining "alias.last = cat-file commit HEAD", the invocation
@@ -590,6 +610,22 @@ diff.external::
you want to use an external diff program only on a subset of
your files, you might want to use linkgit:gitattributes[5] instead.
+ If set, 'git-diff' uses a prefix pair that is different from the
+ standard "a/" and "b/" depending on what is being compared. When
+ this configuration is in effect, reverse diff output also swaps
+ the order of the prefixes:
+ compares the (i)ndex and the (w)ork tree;
+'git-diff HEAD';;
+ compares a (c)ommit and the (w)ork tree;
+'git diff --cached';;
+ compares a (c)ommit and the (i)ndex;
+'git-diff HEAD:file1 file2';;
+ compares an (o)bject and a (w)ork tree entity;
+'git diff --no-index a b';;
+ compares two non-git things (1) and (2).
The number of files to consider when performing the copy/rename
detection; equivalent to the 'git-diff' option '-l'.
@@ -599,6 +635,10 @@ diff.renames::
will enable basic rename detection. If set to "copies" or
"copy", it will detect copies, as well.
+ A boolean to inhibit the standard behavior of printing a space
+ before each empty output line. Defaults to false.
If the number of objects fetched over the git native
transfer is below this
@@ -611,10 +651,11 @@ fetch.unpackLimit::
`transfer.unpackLimit` is used instead.
- A boolean which can enable sequence numbers in patch subjects.
- Setting this option to "auto" will enable it only if there is
- more than one patch. See --numbered option in
- linkgit:git-format-patch[1].
+ A boolean which can enable or disable sequence numbers in patch
+ subjects. It defaults to "auto" which enables it only if there
+ is more than one patch. It can be enabled or disabled for all
+ messages by setting it to "true" or "false". See --numbered
+ option in linkgit:git-format-patch[1].
Additional email headers to include in a patch to be submitted
@@ -661,7 +702,9 @@ gc.packrefs::
When 'git-gc' is run, it will call 'prune --expire 2.weeks.ago'.
- Override the grace period with this config variable.
+ Override the grace period with this config variable. The value
+ "now" may be used to disable this grace period and always prune
+ unreachable objects immediately.
'git-reflog expire' removes reflog entries older than
@@ -752,6 +795,14 @@ gui.diffcontext::
Specifies how many context lines should be used in calls to diff
made by the linkgit:git-gui[1]. The default is "5".
+ Specifies the default encoding to use for displaying of
+ file contents in linkgit:git-gui[1] and linkgit:gitk[1].
+ It can be overridden by setting the 'encoding' attribute
+ for relevant files (see linkgit:gitattributes[5]).
+ If this option is not set, the tools default to the
+ locale encoding.
Determines if new branches created with linkgit:git-gui[1] should
default to tracking remote branches with matching names or
@@ -774,6 +825,73 @@ gui.spellingdictionary::
the linkgit:git-gui[1]. When set to "none" spell checking is turned
+ If true, 'git gui blame' uses '-C' instead of '-C -C' for original
+ location detection. It makes blame significantly faster on huge
+ repositories at the expense of less thorough copy detection.
+ Specifies the threshold to use in 'git gui blame' original location
+ detection, measured in alphanumeric characters. See the
+ linkgit:git-blame[1] manual for more information on copy detection.
+ Specifies the radius of history context in days to show in
+ linkgit:gitk[1] for the selected commit, when the `Show History
+ Context` menu item is invoked from 'git gui blame'. If this
+ variable is set to zero, the whole history is shown.
+ Specifies the shell command line to execute when the corresponding item
+ of the linkgit:git-gui[1] `Tools` menu is invoked. This option is
+ mandatory for every tool. The command is executed from the root of
+ the working directory, and in the environment it receives the name of
+ the tool as 'GIT_GUITOOL', the name of the currently selected file as
+ 'FILENAME', and the name of the current branch as 'CUR_BRANCH' (if
+ the head is detached, 'CUR_BRANCH' is empty).
+ Run the tool only if a diff is selected in the GUI. It guarantees
+ that 'FILENAME' is not empty.
+ Run the command silently, without creating a window to display its
+ output.
+ Don't rescan the working directory for changes after the tool
+ finishes execution.
+ Show a confirmation dialog before actually running the tool.
+ Request a string argument from the user, and pass it to the tool
+ through the 'ARGS' environment variable. Since requesting an
+ argument implies confirmation, the 'confirm' option has no effect
+ if this is enabled. If the option is set to 'true', 'yes', or '1',
+ the dialog uses a built-in generic prompt; otherwise the exact
+ value of the variable is used.
+ Request a single valid revision from the user, and set the
+ 'REVISION' environment variable. In other aspects this option
+ is similar to 'argprompt', and can be used together with it.
+ Show only unmerged branches in the 'revprompt' subdialog.
+ This is useful for tools similar to merge or rebase, but not
+ for things like checkout or reset.
+ Specifies the title to use for the prompt dialog. The default
+ is the tool name.
+ Specifies the general prompt string to display at the top of
+ the dialog, before subsections for 'argprompt' and 'revprompt'.
+ The default value includes the actual command.
Specify the browser that will be used to display help in the
'web' format. See linkgit:git-help[1].
@@ -783,6 +901,15 @@ help.format::
Values 'man', 'info', 'web' and 'html' are supported. 'man' is
the default. 'web' and 'html' are the same.
+ Automatically correct and execute mistyped commands after
+ waiting for the given number of deciseconds (0.1 sec). If more
+ than one command can be deduced from the entered text, nothing
+ will be executed. If the value of this option is negative,
+ the corrected command will be executed immediately. If the
+ value is 0 - the command will be just shown but not executed.
+ This is the default.
Override the HTTP proxy, normally configured using the 'http_proxy'
environment variable (see linkgit:curl[1]). This can be overridden
@@ -1014,6 +1141,19 @@ receive.unpackLimit::
especially on slow filesystems. If not set, the value of
`transfer.unpackLimit` is used instead.
+ If set to true, git-receive-pack will deny a ref update that deletes
+ the ref. Use this to prevent such a ref deletion via a push.
+ If set to true or "refuse", receive-pack will deny a ref update
+ to the currently checked out branch of a non-bare repository.
+ Such a push is potentially dangerous because it brings the HEAD
+ out of sync with the index and working tree. If set to "warn",
+ print a warning of such a push to stderr, but allow the push to
+ proceed. If set to false or "ignore", allow such pushes with no
+ message. Defaults to "warn".
If set to true, git-receive-pack will deny a ref update which is
not a fast forward. Use this to prevent such an update via a push,