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@@ -553,9 +553,19 @@ color.grep::
`never`), never. When set to `true` or `auto`, use color only
when the output is written to the terminal. Defaults to `false`.
+ The string value of this variable is passed to an external 'grep'
+ command as a command line option if match highlighting is turned
+ on. If set to an empty string, no option is passed at all,
+ turning off coloring for external 'grep' calls; this is the default.
+ For GNU grep, set it to `--color=always` to highlight matches even
+ when a pager is used.
Use customized color for matches. The value of this variable
- may be specified as in color.branch.<slot>.
+ may be specified as in color.branch.<slot>. It is passed using
+ the environment variables 'GREP_COLOR' and 'GREP_COLORS' when
+ calling an external 'grep'.
When set to `always`, always use colors for interactive prompts