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Set this config setting to 'rename' there; However, This will remove the
check that makes sure that existing object files will not get overwritten.
+ When showing commit messages, also show notes which are stored in
+ the given ref. This ref is expected to contain files named
+ after the full SHA-1 of the commit they annotate.
+If such a file exists in the given ref, the referenced blob is read, and
+appended to the commit message, separated by a "Notes:" line. If the
+given ref itself does not exist, it is not an error, but means that no
+notes should be printed.
+This setting defaults to "refs/notes/commits", and can be overridden by
+the `GIT_NOTES_REF` environment variable.
Tells 'git-add' to continue adding files when some files cannot be
added due to indexing errors. Equivalent to the '--ignore-errors'