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@@ -1219,18 +1219,6 @@ This does not affect linkgit:git-format-patch[1] or the
'git-diff-{asterisk}' plumbing commands. Can be overridden on the
command line with the `--color[=<when>]` option.
- If set to either a valid `<mode>` or a true value, moved lines
- in a diff are colored differently, for details of valid modes
- see '--color-moved' in linkgit:git-diff[1]. If simply set to
- true the default color mode will be used. When set to false,
- moved lines are not colored.
- When moved lines are colored using e.g. the `diff.colorMoved` setting,
- this option controls the `<mode>` how spaces are treated
- for details of valid modes see '--color-moved-ws' in linkgit:git-diff[1].
Use customized color for diff colorization. `<slot>` specifies
which part of the patch to use the specified color, and is one