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See gitlink:git-show-branch[1].
- By default, gitlink:git-tar-tree[1] sets file and directories modes
- to 0666 or 0777. While this is both useful and acceptable for projects
- such as the Linux Kernel, it might be excessive for other projects.
- With this variable, it becomes possible to tell
- gitlink:git-tar-tree[1] to apply a specific umask to the modes above.
- The special value "user" indicates that the user's current umask will
- be used. This should be enough for most projects, as it will lead to
- the same permissions as gitlink:git-checkout[1] would use. The default
- value remains 0, which means world read-write.
+ This variable can be used to restrict the permission bits of
+ tar archive entries. The default is 0002, which turns off the
+ world write bit. The special value "user" indicates that the
+ archiving user's umask will be used instead. See umask(2) and
+ gitlink:git-archive[1].
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