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variable. Note that git sets the `LESS` environment
variable to `FRSX` if it is unset when it runs the
pager. One can change these settings by setting the
- `LESS` variable to some other value or by giving the
- `core.pager` option a value such as "`less -+FRSX`".
+ `LESS` variable to some other value. Alternately,
+ these settings can be overridden on a project or
+ global basis by setting the `core.pager` option.
+ Setting `core.pager` has no affect on the `LESS`
+ environment variable behaviour above, so if you want
+ to override git's default settings this way, you need
+ to be explicit. For example, to disable the S option
+ in a backward compatible manner, set `core.pager`
+ to "`less -+$LESS -FRX`". This will be passed to the
+ shell by git, which will translate the final command to
+ "`LESS=FRSX less -+FRSX -FRX`".
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