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@@ -139,6 +139,51 @@ core.autocrlf::
"text" (i.e. be subjected to the autocrlf mechanism) is
decided purely based on the contents.
+ If true, makes git check if converting `CRLF` as controlled by
+ `core.autocrlf` is reversible. Git will verify if a command
+ modifies a file in the work tree either directly or indirectly.
+ For example, committing a file followed by checking out the
+ same file should yield the original file in the work tree. If
+ this is not the case for the current setting of
+ `core.autocrlf`, git will reject the file. The variable can
+ be set to "warn", in which case git will only warn about an
+ irreversible conversion but continue the operation.
+CRLF conversion bears a slight chance of corrupting data.
+autocrlf=true will convert CRLF to LF during commit and LF to
+CRLF during checkout. A file that contains a mixture of LF and
+CRLF before the commit cannot be recreated by git. For text
+files this is the right thing to do: it corrects line endings
+such that we have only LF line endings in the repository.
+But for binary files that are accidentally classified as text the
+conversion can corrupt data.
+If you recognize such corruption early you can easily fix it by
+setting the conversion type explicitly in .gitattributes. Right
+after committing you still have the original file in your work
+tree and this file is not yet corrupted. You can explicitly tell
+git that this file is binary and git will handle the file
+Unfortunately, the desired effect of cleaning up text files with
+mixed line endings and the undesired effect of corrupting binary
+files cannot be distinguished. In both cases CRLFs are removed
+in an irreversible way. For text files this is the right thing
+to do because CRLFs are line endings, while for binary files
+converting CRLFs corrupts data.
+Note, this safety check does not mean that a checkout will generate a
+file identical to the original file for a different setting of
+`core.autocrlf`, but only for the current one. For example, a text
+file with `LF` would be accepted with `core.autocrlf=input` and could
+later be checked out with `core.autocrlf=true`, in which case the
+resulting file would contain `CRLF`, although the original file
+contained `LF`. However, in both work trees the line endings would be
+consistent, that is either all `LF` or all `CRLF`, but never mixed. A
+file with mixed line endings would be reported by the `core.safecrlf`
If false, symbolic links are checked out as small plain files that
contain the link text. linkgit:git-update-index[1] and
@@ -308,6 +353,10 @@ core.whitespace::
error (enabled by default).
* `indent-with-non-tab` treats a line that is indented with 8 or more
space characters as an error (not enabled by default).
+* `cr-at-eol` treats a carriage-return at the end of line as
+ part of the line terminator, i.e. with it, `trailing-space`
+ does not trigger if the character before such a carriage-return
+ is not a whitespace (not enabled by default).
Command aliases for the linkgit:git[1] command wrapper - e.g.
@@ -330,10 +379,14 @@ apply.whitespace::
Tells `git-branch` and `git-checkout` to setup new branches
- so that linkgit:git-pull[1] will appropriately merge from that
- remote branch. Note that even if this option is not set,
+ so that linkgit:git-pull[1] will appropriately merge from the
+ starting point branch. Note that even if this option is not set,
this behavior can be chosen per-branch using the `--track`
- and `--no-track` options. This option defaults to true.
+ and `--no-track` options. The valid settings are: `false` -- no
+ automatic setup is done; `true` -- automatic setup is done when the
+ starting point is a remote branch; `always` -- automatic setup is
+ done when the starting point is either a local branch or remote
+ branch. This option defaults to true.
When in branch <name>, it tells `git fetch` which remote to fetch.
@@ -444,6 +497,13 @@ color.status.<slot>::
Specify a file to use as the template for new commit messages.
+ When set to `always`, always use colors in all git commands which
+ are capable of colored output. When false (or `never`), never. When
+ set to `true` or `auto`, use colors only when the output is to the
+ terminal. When more specific variables of color.* are set, they always
+ take precedence over this setting. Defaults to false.
When using `git diff` to compare with work tree
files, do not consider stat-only change as changed.
@@ -756,6 +816,8 @@ pack.threads::
warning. This is meant to reduce packing time on multiprocessor
machines. The required amount of memory for the delta search window
is however multiplied by the number of threads.
+ Specifying 0 will cause git to auto-detect the number of CPU's
+ and set the number of threads accordingly.
Specify the default pack index version. Valid values are 1 for
@@ -766,6 +828,12 @@ pack.indexVersion::
whenever the corresponding pack is larger than 2 GB. Otherwise
the default is 1.
+ The default maximum size of a pack. This setting only affects
+ packing to a file, i.e. the git:// protocol is unaffected. It
+ can be overridden by the `\--max-pack-size` option of
+ linkgit:git-repack[1].
The default merge strategy to use when pulling multiple branches
at once.
@@ -835,6 +903,17 @@ tar.umask::
archiving user's umask will be used instead. See umask(2) and
+ Any URL that starts with this value will be rewritten to
+ start, instead, with <base>. In cases where some site serves a
+ large number of repositories, and serves them with multiple
+ access methods, and some users need to use different access
+ methods, this feature allows people to specify any of the
+ equivalent URLs and have git automatically rewrite the URL to
+ the best alternative for the particular user, even for a
+ never-before-seen repository on the site. When more than one
+ insteadOf strings match a given URL, the longest match is used.
Your email address to be recorded in any newly created commits.
Can be overridden by the 'GIT_AUTHOR_EMAIL', 'GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL', and
@@ -860,6 +939,12 @@ imap::
The configuration variables in the 'imap' section are described
in linkgit:git-imap-send[1].
+ If it is set to true, git-receive-pack will check all received
+ objects. It will abort in the case of a malformed object or a
+ broken link. The result of an abort are only dangling objects.
+ The default value is true.
If the number of objects received in a push is below this
limit then the objects will be unpacked into loose object