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Common unit suffixes of 'k', 'm', or 'g' are
+ When true, git will use pack bitmaps (if available) when packing
+ to stdout (e.g., during the server side of a fetch). Defaults to
+ true. You should not generally need to turn this off unless
+ you are debugging pack bitmaps.
+ When true, git will write a bitmap index when packing all
+ objects to disk (e.g., when `git repack -a` is run). This
+ index can speed up the "counting objects" phase of subsequent
+ packs created for clones and fetches, at the cost of some disk
+ space and extra time spent on the initial repack. Defaults to
+ false.
+ When true, git will include a "hash cache" section in the bitmap
+ index (if one is written). This cache can be used to feed git's
+ delta heuristics, potentially leading to better deltas between
+ bitmapped and non-bitmapped objects (e.g., when serving a fetch
+ between an older, bitmapped pack and objects that have been
+ pushed since the last gc). The downside is that it consumes 4
+ bytes per object of disk space, and that JGit's bitmap
+ implementation does not understand it, causing it to complain if
+ Git and JGit are used on the same repository. Defaults to false.
If the value is boolean, turns on or off pagination of the
output of a particular Git subcommand when writing to a tty.