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(merge 35840a3 jc/conf-var-doc later to maint).
* An earlier workaround to squelch unhelpful deprecation warnings
- from the complier on Mac OSX unnecessarily set minimum required
+ from the compiler on Mac OSX unnecessarily set minimum required
version of the OS, which the user might want to raise (or lower)
for other reasons.
(merge 88c03eb es/squelch-openssl-warnings-on-macosx later to maint).
@@ -471,3 +471,5 @@ notes for details).
(merge 599d223 jk/simplify-csum-file-sha1fd-check later to maint).
(merge 260d585 sg/completion-gitcomp-nl-for-refs later to maint).
(merge 777c55a jc/report-path-error-to-dir later to maint).
+ (merge fddfaf8 ph/push-doc-cas later to maint).
+ (merge 129260c ss/pull-rebase-preserve later to maint).