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@@ -14,6 +14,9 @@ Backward Compatibility Notes
which means some fetches of tags that did not fail with older
version of Git will fail without "--force" with this version.
+ * "git help -a" now gives verbose output (same as "git help -av").
+ Those who want the old output may say "git help --no-verbose -a"..
Updates since v2.19
@@ -69,6 +72,35 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
* The completion script (in contrib/) learned to complete a handful of
options "git stash list" command takes.
+ * The completion script (in contrib/) learned that "git fetch
+ --multiple" only takes remote names as arguments and no refspecs.
+ * "git status" learns to show progress bar when refreshing the index
+ takes a long time.
+ (merge ae9af12287 nd/status-refresh-progress later to maint).
+ * "git help -a" and "git help -av" give different pieces of
+ information, and generally the "verbose" version is more friendly
+ to the new users. "git help -a" by default now uses the more
+ verbose output (with "--no-verbose", you can go back to the
+ original). Also "git help -av" now lists aliases and external
+ commands, which it did not used to.
+ * Unlike "grep", "git grep" by default recurses to the whole tree.
+ The command learned "git grep --recursive" option, so that "git
+ grep --no-recursive" can serve as a synonym to setting the
+ max-depth to 0.
+ * When pushing into a repository that borrows its objects from an
+ alternate object store, "git receive-pack" that responds to the
+ push request on the other side lists the tips of refs in the
+ alternate to reduce the amount of objects transferred. This
+ sometimes is detrimental when the number of refs in the alternate
+ is absurdly large, in which case the bandwidth saved in potentially
+ fewer objects transferred is wasted in excessively large ref
+ advertisement. The alternate refs that are advertised are now
+ configurable with a pair of configuration variables.
Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
@@ -132,6 +164,38 @@ Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
point running gc to improve the situation); we used to exit with
failure in such a case.
+ * Various codepaths in the core-ish part learned to work on an
+ arbitrary in-core index structure, not necessarily the default
+ instance "the_index".
+ (merge b3c7eef9b0 nd/the-index later to maint).
+ * Code clean-up in the internal machinery used by "git status" and
+ "git commit --dry-run".
+ (merge 73ba5d78b4 ss/wt-status-committable later to maint).
+ * Some environment variables that control the runtime options of Git
+ used during tests are getting renamed for consistency.
+ (merge 4231d1ba99 bp/rename-test-env-var later to maint).
+ * A new extension to the index file has been introduced, which allows
+ the index file to be read in parallel for performance.
+ * The oidset API was built on top of the oidmap API which in turn is
+ on the hashmap API. Replace the implementation to build on top of
+ the khash API and gain performance.
+ * Over some transports, fetching objects with an exact commit object
+ name can be done without first seeing the ref advertisements. The
+ code has been optimized to exploit this.
+ * In a partial clone that will lazily be hydrated from the
+ originating repository, we generally want to avoid "does this
+ object exist (locally)?" on objects that we deliberately omitted
+ when we created the clone. The cache-tree codepath (which is used
+ to write a tree object out of the index) however insisted that the
+ object exists, even for paths that are outside of the partial
+ checkout area. The code has been updated to avoid such a check.
Fixes since v2.19
@@ -209,6 +273,23 @@ Fixes since v2.19
used for the first run, which has been corrected.
(merge 3e73cc62c0 en/status-multiple-renames-to-the-same-target-fix later to maint).
+ * "git fetch $repo $object" in a partial clone did not correctly
+ fetch the asked-for object that is referenced by an object in
+ promisor packfile, which has been fixed.
+ * A corner-case bugfix.
+ (merge c5cbb27cb5 sm/show-superproject-while-conflicted later to maint).
+ * Various fixes to "diff --color-moved-ws".
+ * A partial clone that is configured to lazily fetch missing objects
+ will on-demand issue a "git fetch" request to the originating
+ repository to fill not-yet-obtained objects. The request has been
+ optimized for requesting a tree object (and not the leaf blob
+ objects contained in it) by telling the originating repository that
+ no blobs are needed.
+ (merge 4c7f9567ea jt/non-blob-lazy-fetch later to maint).
* Code cleanup, docfix, build fix, etc.
(merge 96a7501aad ts/doc-build-manpage-xsl-quietly later to maint).
(merge b9b07efdb2 tg/conflict-marker-size later to maint).
@@ -231,3 +312,4 @@ Fixes since v2.19
(merge c56170a0c4 ma/mailing-list-address-in-git-help later to maint).
(merge 6e8fc70fce rs/sequencer-oidset-insert-avoids-dups later to maint).
(merge ad0b8f9575 mw/doc-typofixes later to maint).
+ (merge d9f079ad1a jc/how-to-document-api later to maint).