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+Git v2.17.5 Release Notes
+This release is to address a security issue: CVE-2020-11008
+Fixes since v2.17.4
+ * With a crafted URL that contains a newline or empty host, or lacks
+ a scheme, the credential helper machinery can be fooled into
+ providing credential information that is not appropriate for the
+ protocol in use and host being contacted.
+ Unlike the vulnerability CVE-2020-5260 fixed in v2.17.4, the
+ credentials are not for a host of the attacker's choosing; instead,
+ they are for some unspecified host (based on how the configured
+ credential helper handles an absent "host" parameter).
+ The attack has been made impossible by refusing to work with
+ under-specified credential patterns.
+Credit for finding the vulnerability goes to Carlo Arenas.