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@@ -19,6 +19,46 @@ Performance, Internal Implementation, Development Support etc.
* "perf" test output can be sent to codespeed server.
(merge 19cf57a92e cc/codespeed later to maint).
+ * The build procedure for perl/ part has been greatly simplified by
+ weaning ourselves off of MakeMaker.
+ * In preparation for implementing narrow/partial clone, the machinery
+ for checking object connectivity used by gc and fsck has been
+ taught that a missing object is OK when it is referenced by a
+ packfile specially marked as coming from trusted repository that
+ promises to make them available on-demand and lazily.
+ * The machinery to clone & fetch, which in turn involves packing and
+ unpacking objects, has been told how to omit certain objects using
+ the filtering mechanism introduced by another topic. It now knows
+ to mark the resulting pack as a promisor pack to tolerate missing
+ objects, laying foundation for "narrow" clones.
+ * The first step to getting rid of mru API and using the
+ doubly-linked list API directly instead.
+ * Retire mru API as it does not give enough abstraction over
+ underlying list API to be worth it.
+ * Rewrite two more "git submodule" subcommands in C.
+ * The tracing machinery learned to report tweaking of environment
+ variables as well.
+ (merge 090a09272a nd/trace-with-env later to maint).
+ * Update Coccinelle rules to catch and optimize strbuf_addf(&buf, "%s", str)
+ (merge cd9a4b6d93 rs/strbuf-cocci-workaround later to maint).
+ * Prevent "clang-format" from breaking line after function return type.
+ (merge a3715d43e8 po/clang-format-functype-weight later to maint).
+ * The sequencer infrastructure is shared across "git cherry-pick",
+ "git rebase -i", etc., and has always spawned "git commit" when it
+ needs to create a commit. It has been taught to do so internally,
+ when able, by reusing the codepath "git commit" itself uses, which
+ gives performance boost for a few tens of percents in some sample
+ scenarios.
Also contains various documentation updates and code clean-ups.
@@ -77,8 +117,45 @@ Fixes since v2.16
(merge 12434efc1d nd/add-i-ignore-submodules later to maint).
+ * Avoid showing a warning message in the middle of a line of "git
+ diff" output.
+ (merge 4e056c989f nd/diff-flush-before-warning later to maint).
+ * The http tracing code, often used to debug connection issues,
+ learned to redact potentially sensitive information from its output
+ so that it can be more safely sharable.
+ (merge 8ba18e6fa4 jt/http-redact-cookies later to maint).
+ * Crash fix for a corner case where an error codepath tried to unlock
+ what it did not acquire lock on.
+ (merge 81fcb698e0 mr/packed-ref-store-fix later to maint).
+ * The split-index mode had a few corner case bugs fixed.
+ (merge ae59a4e44f tg/split-index-fixes later to maint).
+ * Assorted fixes to "git daemon".
+ (merge ed15e58efe jk/daemon-fixes later to maint).
+ * Completion of "git merge -s<strategy>" (in contrib/) did not work
+ well in non-C locale.
+ (merge 7cc763aaa3 nd/list-merge-strategy later to maint).
+ * Workaround for segfault with more recent versions of SVN.
+ (merge 7f6f75e97a ew/svn-branch-segfault-fix later to maint).
* Other minor doc, test and build updates and code cleanups.
(merge e2a5a028c7 bw/oidmap-autoinit later to maint).
(merge f0a6068a9f ys/bisect-object-id-missing-conversion-fix later to maint).
(merge 30221a3389 as/read-tree-prefix-doc-fix later to maint).
(merge 9bd2ce5432 ab/doc-cat-file-e-still-shows-errors later to maint).
+ (merge ec3b4b06f8 cl/t9001-cleanup later to maint).
+ (merge e1b3f3dd38 ks/submodule-doc-updates later to maint).
+ (merge fbac558a9b rs/describe-unique-abbrev later to maint).
+ (merge 8462ff43e4 tb/crlf-conv-flags later to maint).
+ (merge 7d68bb0766 rb/hashmap-h-compilation-fix later to maint).
+ (merge 3449847168 cc/sha1-file-name later to maint).
+ (merge ad622a256f ds/use-get-be64 later to maint).
+ (merge f919ffebed sg/cocci-move-array later to maint).
+ (merge 4e801463c7 jc/mailinfo-cleanup-fix later to maint).
+ (merge ef5b3a6c5e nd/shared-index-fix later to maint).
+ (merge 9f5258cbb8 tz/doc-show-defaults-to-head later to maint).