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Fixes since v1.8.2.1
+ * Zsh completion forgot that '%' character used to signal untracked
+ files needs to be escaped with another '%'.
+ * A commit object whose author or committer ident are malformed
+ crashed some code that trusted that a name, an email and an
+ timestamp can always be found in it.
+ * The new core.commentchar configuration was not applied to a few
+ places.
+ * "git pull --rebase" did not pass "-v/-q" options to underlying
+ "git rebase".
+ * When receive-pack detects error in the pack header it received in
+ order to decide which of unpack-objects or index-pack to run, it
+ returned without closing the error stream, which led to a hang
+ sideband thread.
* "git diff --diff-algorithm=algo" was understood by the command line
parser, but "git diff --diff-algorithm algo" was not.