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+Git v1.7.8 Release Notes (draft)
+Updates since v1.7.7
+ * Some git-svn, git-gui, git-p4 (in contrib) and msysgit updates.
+ * Updates to bash completion scripts.
+ * The build procedure has been taught to take advantage of computed
+ dependency automatically when the complier supports it.
+ * The date parser now accepts timezone designators that lack minutes
+ part and also has a colon between "hh:mm".
+ * The contents of the /etc/mailname file, if exists, is used as the
+ default value of the hostname part of the committer/author e-mail.
+ * "git am" learned how to read from patches generated by Hg.
+ * "git archive" talking with a remote repository can report errors
+ from the remote side in a more informative way.
+ * "git branch" learned an explicit --list option to ask for branches
+ listed, optionally with a glob matching pattern to limit its output.
+ * "git check-attr" learned "--cached" option to look at .gitattributes
+ files from the index, not from the working tree.
+ * Variants of "git cherry-pick" and "git revert" that take multiple
+ commits learned to "--continue".
+ * "git daemon" gives more human readble error messages to clients
+ using ERR packets when appropriate.
+ * Errors at the network layer is logged by "git daemon".
+ * "git diff" learned "--minimal" option to spend extra cycles to come
+ up with a minimal patch output.
+ * "git diff" learned "--function-context" option to show the whole
+ function as context that was affected by a change.
+ * "git difftool" can be told to skip launching the tool for a path by
+ answering 'n' to its prompt.
+ * "git fetch" learned to honor transfer.fsckobjects configuration to
+ validate the objects that were received from the other end, just like
+ "git receive-pack" (the receiving end of "git push") does.
+ * "git fetch" makes sure that the set of objects it received from the
+ other end actually completes the history before updating the refs.
+ "git receive-pack" (the receiving end of "git push") learned to do the
+ same.
+ * "git fetch" learned that fetching/cloning from a regular file on the
+ filesystem is not necessarily a request to unpack a bundle file; the
+ file could be ".git" with "gitdir: <path>" in it.
+ * "git for-each-ref" learned "%(contents:subject)", "%(contents:body)"
+ and "%(contents:signature)". The last one is useful for signed tags.
+ * "git grep" used to incorrectly pay attention to .gitignore files
+ scattered in the directory it was working in even when "--no-index"
+ option was used. It no longer does this. The "--exclude-standard"
+ option needs to be given to explicitly activate the ignore
+ mechanism.
+ * "git grep" learned "--untracked" option, where given patterns are
+ searched in untracked (but not ignored) files as well as tracked
+ files in the working tree, so that matches in new but not yet
+ added files do not get missed.
+ * The recursive merge backend no longer looks for meaningless
+ existing merges in submodules unless in the outermost merge.
+ * "git log" and friends learned "--children" option.
+ * "git ls-remote" learned to respond to "-h"(elp) requests.
+ * "git merge" learned the "--edit" option to allow users to edit the
+ merge commit log message.
+ * "git rebase -i" can be told to use special purpose editor suitable
+ only for its insn sheet via sequence.editor configuration variable.
+ * "git send-email" learned to respond to "-h"(elp) requests.
+ * "git send-email" allows the value given to sendemail.aliasfile to begin
+ with "~/" to refer to the $HOME directory.
+ * "git send-email" forces use of Authen::SASL::Perl to work around
+ issues between Authen::SASL::Cyrus and AUTH PLAIN/LOGIN.
+ * "git stash" learned "--include-untracked" option to stash away
+ untracked/ignored cruft from the working tree.
+ * "git submodule update" learned to honor "none" as the value for
+ submodule.<name>.update to specify that the named submodule should
+ not be checked out by default.
+ * When populating a new submodule directory with "git submodule init",
+ the $GIT_DIR metainformation directory for submodules is created inside
+ $GIT_DIR/modules/<name>/ directory of the superproject and referenced
+ via the gitfile mechanism. This is to make it possible to switch
+ between commits in the superproject that has and does not have the
+ submodule in the tree without re-cloning.
+ * "mediawiki" remote helper can interact with (surprise!) MediaWiki
+ with "git fetch" & "git push".
+ * "gitweb" leaked unescaped control characters from syntax hiliter
+ outputs.
+ * "gitweb" now has its own manual pages.
+Also contains other documentation updates and minor code cleanups.
+Fixes since v1.7.7
+Unless otherwise noted, all fixes in the 1.7.7.X maintenance track are
+included in this release.
+ * We used to drop error messages from libcurl on certain kinds of
+ errors.
+ (merge be22d92eac8 jn/maint-http-error-message later to maint).
+ * Error report from smart HTTP transport, when the connection was
+ broken in the middle of a transfer, showed a useless message on
+ a corrupt packet.
+ (merge 6cdf022 sp/smart-http-failure later to maint).
+ * HTTP transport did not use pushurl correctly, and also did not tell
+ what host it is trying to authenticate with when asking for
+ credentials.
+ (merge deba493 jk/http-auth later to maint).
+ * "git branch -m/-M" advertised to update RENAME_REF ref in the
+ commit log message that introduced the feature but not anywhere in
+ the documentation, and never did update such a ref anyway. This
+ undocumented misfeature that did not exist has been excised.
+ (merge b0eab01 jc/maint-remove-renamed-ref later to maint).
+ * Adding many refs to the local repository in one go (e.g. "git fetch"
+ that fetches many tags) and looking up a ref by name in a repository
+ with too many refs were unnecessarily slow.
+ (merge 17d68a54d jp/get-ref-dir-unsorted later to maint).
+ * Report from "git commit" on untracked files was confused under
+ core.ignorecase option.
+ (merge 2548183b jk/name-hash-dirent later to maint).
+ * The attribute mechanism did not use case insensitive match when
+ core.ignorecase was set.
+ (merge 6eba621 bc/attr-ignore-case later to maint).
+ * "git bisect" did not notice when it failed to update the working tree
+ to the next commit to be tested.
+ (merge 1acf11717 js/bisect-no-checkout later to maint).
+ * "git config --bool --get-regexp" failed to separate the variable name
+ and its value "true" when the variable is defined without "= true".
+ (merge 880e3cc mm/maint-config-explicit-bool-display later to maint).
+ * "git remote rename $a $b" were not careful to match the remote name
+ against $a (i.e. source side of the remote nickname).
+ (merge b52d00aed mz/remote-rename later to maint).
+ * "git diff --[num]stat" used to use the number of lines of context
+ different from the default, potentially giving different results from
+ "git diff | diffstat" and confusing the users.
+ (merge f01cae918 jc/maint-diffstat-numstat-context later to maint).
+ * "git merge" did not understand ":/<pattern>" as a way to name a commit.
+ * "git mergetool" learned to use its arguments as pathspec, not a path to
+ the file that may not even have any conflict.
+ (merge 6d9990a jm/mergetool-pathspec later to maint).
+ * "git pull" and "git rebase" did not work well even when GIT_WORK_TREE is
+ set correctly with GIT_DIR if the current directory is outside the working
+ tree.
+ (merge 035b5bf jk/pull-rebase-with-work-tree later to maint).
+ " "git push" on the receiving end used to call post-receive and post-update
+ hooks for attempted removal of non-existing refs.
+ (merge 160b81ed ph/push-to-delete-nothing later to maint).
+ * "git send-email" did not honor the configured hostname when restarting
+ the HELO/EHLO exchange after switching TLS on.
+ (merge 155b940 md/smtp-tls-hello-again later to maint).
+ * "gitweb" used to produce a non-working link while showing the contents
+ of a blob, when JavaScript actions are enabled.
+ (merge 2b07ff3ff ps/gitweb-js-with-lineno later to maint).
+exec >/var/tmp/1
+echo O=$(git describe --always master)
+git log --first-parent --oneline --reverse ^$O master
+git shortlog --no-merges ^$O master