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Fixes since v1.7.7
+ * On some BSD systems, adding +s bit on directories is detrimental
+ (it is not necessary on BSD to begin with). The installation
+ procedure has been updated to take this into account.
+ * After incorrectly written third-party tools store a tag object in
+ HEAD, git diagnosed it as a repository corruption and refused to
+ proceed in order to avoid spreading the damage. We now gracefully
+ recover from such a situation by pretending as if the commit that
+ is pointed at by the tag were in HEAD.
+ * "git apply --whitespace=error" did not bother to report the exact
+ line number in the patch that introduced new blank lines at the end
+ of the file.
+ * "git apply --index" did not check corrupted patch.
+ * "git checkout $tree $directory/" resurrected paths locally removed or
+ modified only in the working tree in $directory/ that did not appear
+ in $directory of the given $tree. They should have been kept intact.
* "git diff $tree $path" used to apply the pathspec at the output stage,
reading the whole tree, wasting resources.