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+Git v1.7.5 Release Notes (draft)
+Updates since v1.7.4
+ * Various MinGW portability fixes.
+ * Various git-p4 enhancements (in contrib).
+ * Various vcs-svn enhancements.
+ * Various git-gui updates (0.14.0).
+ * Update to more modern HP-UX port.
+ * The codebase is getting prepared for i18n/l10n; no translated/translatable
+ strings in the code yet.
+ * The bash completion script can now complete symmetric difference
+ for "git diff" command, e.g. "git diff ...bra<TAB>".
+ * The default minimum length of abbreviated and unique object names
+ can now be configured by setting the core.abbrev configuration
+ variable.
+ * "git apply -v" reports offset lines when the patch does not apply at
+ the exact location recorded in the diff output.
+ * "git branch --track" (and "git checkout --track --branch") used to
+ allow setting up a random non-branch that does not make sense to follow
+ as the "upstream". The command correctly diagnoses it as an error.
+ * "git config" used to be also known as "git repo-config", but the old
+ name is now officially deprecated.
+ * "git checkout --detach <commit>" is a more user friendly synonym for
+ "git checkout <commit>^0".
+ * "git checkout" performed on detached HEAD gives a warning and
+ advice when the commit being left behind will become unreachable from
+ any branch or tag.
+ * "git cherry-pick" and "git revert" can be told to use a custom merge
+ strategy, similar to "git rebase".
+ * "git cherry-pick" remembers which commit failed to apply when it is
+ stopped by conflicts, making it unnecessary to use "commit -c $commit"
+ to conclude it.
+ * "git cvsimport" bails out immediately when the cvs server cannot be
+ reached, without spewing unnecessary error messages that complain about
+ the server response it never got.
+ * "git fetch" vs "git upload-pack" transfer learned 'no-done'
+ protocol extension to save one round-trip after the content
+ negotiation is done. This saves one HTTP RPC, reducing the overall
+ latency for a trivial fetch.
+ * "git grep -f <filename>" learned to treat "-" as "read from the
+ standard input stream".
+ * "git grep --no-index" did not honor pathspecs correctly, returning
+ paths outside the specified area.
+ * "git log" type commands now understand globbing pathspecs. You
+ can say "git log -- '*.txt'" for example.
+ * "git log" family of commands learned --cherry and --cherry-mark
+ options that can be used to view two diverged branches while omitting
+ or highlighting equivalent changes that appear on both sides of a
+ symmetric difference (e.g. "log --cherry A...B").
+ * "git mergetool" learned how to drive "beyond compare 3" as well.
+ * "git rerere forget" without pathspec used to forget all the saved
+ conflicts that relate to the current merge; it now requires you to
+ give it pathspecs.
+ * "git rev-list --objects $revs -- $pathspec" now limits the objects listed
+ in its output properly with the pathspec, in preparation for narrow
+ clones.
+ * "git push" with no parameters gives better advice messages when
+ "tracking" is used as the push.default semantics or there is no remote
+ configured yet.
+ * "git rerere" learned a new subcommand "remaining" that is similar to
+ "status" and lists the paths that had conflicts which are known to
+ rerere, but excludes the paths that have already been marked as
+ resolved in the index from its output. "git mergetool" has been
+ updated to use this facility.
+ * A possible value to the "push.default" configuration variable,
+ 'tracking', gained a synonym that more naturally describes what it
+ does, 'upstream'.
+Also contains various documentation updates.
+Fixes since v1.7.4
+All of the fixes in the v1.7.4.X maintenance series are included in this
+release, unless otherwise noted.
+ * "git apply" used to confuse lines updated by previous hunks as lines
+ that existed before when applying a hunk, contributing misapplication
+ of patches with offsets.
+ * "git checkout $other_branch" silently removed untracked symbolic links
+ in the working tree that are in the way in order to check out paths
+ under it from the named branch (js/checkout-untracked-symlink).
+ * "git diff --quiet" did not work very well with the "--diff-filter"
+ option (jc/maint-diff-q-filter).
+ * "git fetch" from a client that is mostly following the remote
+ needlessly told all of its refs to the server for both sides to
+ compute the set of objects that need to be transferred efficiently,
+ instead of stopping when the server heard enough. In a project with
+ many tags, this turns out to be extremely wasteful, especially over
+ the smart HTTP transport (sp/maint-{upload,fetch}-pack-stop-early~1).
+ * "git fetch" run from a repository that uses the same repository as
+ its alternate object store as the repository it is fetching from
+ did not tell the server that it already has access to objects
+ reachable from the refs in their common alternate object store,
+ causing it to fetch unnecessary objects (jc/maint-fetch-alt).
+ * "git stash apply" reported the result of its operation by running
+ "git status" from the top-level of the working tree; it should (and
+ now does) run it from the user's working directory
+ (pk/stash-apply-status-relative).
+exec >/var/tmp/1
+echo O=$(git describe 'master')
+git shortlog --no-merges ^maint ^$O master