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Fixes since v1.7.12.2
+ * "git am" mishandled a patch attached as application/octet-stream
+ (e.g. not text/*); Content-Transfer-Encoding (e.g. base64) was not
+ honored correctly.
+ * It was unclear in the documentation for "git blame" that it is
+ unnecessary for users to use the "--follow" option.
+ * A repository created with "git clone --single" had its fetch
+ refspecs set up just like a clone without "--single", leading the
+ subsequent "git fetch" to slurp all the other branches, defeating
+ the whole point of specifying "only this branch".
* "git fetch" over http had an old workaround for an unlikely server
misconfiguration; it turns out that this hurts debuggability of the
configuration in general, and has been reverted.
@@ -12,6 +24,10 @@ Fixes since v1.7.12.2
is much less common, and did not advertise the more common "gzip" on
its Accept-Encoding header.
+ * "git receive-pack" (the counterpart to "git push") did not give
+ progress output while processing objects it received to the puser
+ when run over the smart-http protocol.
* "git status" honored the ignore=dirty settings in .gitmodules but
"git commit" didn't.