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@@ -25,6 +25,10 @@ Compatibility Notes
"git merge" command if you know everybody who uses your script has
Git v1.7.8 or newer.
+ * The "--binary/-b" options to "git am" have been a no-op for quite a
+ while and were deprecated in mid 2008 (v1.6.0). When you give these
+ options to "git am", it will now warn and ask you not to use them.
Updates since v1.7.9
@@ -43,20 +47,23 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
* A content filter (clean/smudge) used to be just a way to make the
recorded contents "more useful", and allowed to fail; a filter can
- new optionally be marked as "required".
+ now optionally be marked as "required".
* Options whose names begin with "--no-" (e.g. the "--no-verify"
option of the "git commit" command) can be negated by omitting
"no-" from its name, e.g. "git commit --verify".
* "git am" learned to pass "-b" option to underlying "git mailinfo", so
- that bracketed string other than "PATCH" at the beginning can be kept.
+ that a bracketed string other than "PATCH" at the beginning can be kept.
* "git clone" learned "--single-branch" option to limit cloning to a
- single branch (surprise!).
+ single branch (surprise!); tags that do not point into the history
+ of the branch are not fetched.
* "git clone" learned to detach the HEAD in the resulting repository
- when the source repository's HEAD does not point to a branch.
+ when the user specifies a tag with "--branch" (e.g., "--branch=v1.0").
+ Clone also learned to print the usual "detached HEAD" advice in such
+ a case, similar to "git checkout v1.0".
* When showing a patch while ignoring whitespace changes, the context
lines are taken from the postimage, in order to make it easier to
@@ -71,9 +78,12 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
* "fsck" learned "--no-dangling" option to omit dangling object
- * "git log -G" learned to pay attention to the "-i" option and can
- find patch hunks that introduce or remove a string that matches the
- given pattern ignoring the case.
+ * "git log -G" and "git log -S" learned to pay attention to the "-i"
+ option. With "-i", "log -G" ignores the case when finding patch
+ hunks that introduce or remove a string that matches the given
+ pattern. Similarly with "-i", "log -S" ignores the case when
+ finding the commit the given block of text appears or disappears
+ from the file.
* "git merge" in an interactive session learned to spawn the editor
by default to let the user edit the auto-generated merge message,
@@ -82,12 +92,15 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
Both "git merge" and "git pull" can be given --no-edit from the
command line to accept the auto-generated merge message.
- * The advise message given when the user didn't give enough clue on
+ * The advice message given when the user didn't give enough clue on
what to merge to "git pull" and "git merge" has been updated to
be more concise and easier to understand.
* "git push" learned the "--prune" option, similar to "git fetch".
+ * The whole directory that houses a top-level superproject managed by
+ "git submodule" can be moved to another place.
* "git symbolic-ref" learned the "--short" option to abbreviate the
refname it shows unambiguously.
@@ -95,7 +108,7 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
output to those that point at the given object.
* "gitweb" allows intermediate entries in the directory hierarchy
- that leads to a projects to be clicked, which in turn shows the
+ that leads to a project to be clicked, which in turn shows the
list of projects inside that directory.
* "gitweb" learned to read various pieces of information for the
@@ -106,6 +119,10 @@ UI, Workflows & Features
* Project search in "gitweb" shows the substring that matched in the
project name and description highlighted.
+ * A new script "diffall" is added to contrib/; it drives an
+ external tool to perform a directory diff of two Git revisions
+ in one go, unlike "difftool" that compares one file at a time.
Foreign Interface
* Improved handling of views, labels and branches in "git-p4" (in contrib).
@@ -149,6 +166,10 @@ Internal Implementation (please report possible regressions)
* The code to check if a path points at a file beyond a symbolic link
has been restructured to be thread-safe.
+ * When pruning directories that has become empty during "git prune"
+ and "git prune-packed", call closedir() that iterates over a
+ directory before rmdir() it.
Also contains minor documentation updates and code clean-ups.
@@ -159,21 +180,17 @@ Unless otherwise noted, all the fixes since v1.7.9 in the maintenance
releases are contained in this release (see release notes to them for
- * "git bundle" did not record boundary commits correctly when there
- are many of them.
- (merge efe4be1 tr/maint-bundle-boundary later to maint).
+ * The "remaining" subcommand to "git rerere" was not documented.
+ (merge 3e7a1df ph/rerere-doc later to maint).
- * "git diff-index" and its friends at the plumbing level showed the
- "diff --git" header and nothing else for a path whose cached stat
- info is dirty without actual difference when asked to produce a
- patch. This was a longstanding bug that we could have fixed long
- time ago.
- (merge b3f01ff jc/maint-diff-patch-header later to maint).
+ * "git tag -s" honored "gpg.program" configuration variable since
+ 1.7.9, but "git tag -v" and "git verify-tag" didn't.
+ (merge a2c2506 az/verify-tag-use-gpg-config later to maint).
- * The code to synthesize the fake ancestor tree used by 3-way merge
- fallback in "git am" was not prepared to read a patch created with
- a non-standard -p<num> value.
- (merge a61ba26 jc/am-3-nonstandard-popt later to maint).
+ * When "git config" diagnoses an error in a configuration file and
+ shows the line number for the offending line, it miscounted if the
+ error was at the end of line.
+ (merge 4b34059 ms/maint-config-error-at-eol-linecount later to maint).
* "gitweb" used to drop warnings in the log file when "heads" view is
accessed in a repository whose HEAD does not point at a valid
@@ -181,7 +198,7 @@ details).
exec >/var/tmp/1
echo O=$(git describe)
git log --first-parent --oneline ^maint $O..