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+GIT v1.6.4.4 Release Notes
+Fixes since v1.6.4.4
+* The workaround for Github server that sometimes gave 500 (Internal server
+ error) response to HEAD requests in introduced a regression that
+ caused re-fetching projects over http to segfault in certain cases due
+ to uninitialized pointer being freed.
+* "git pull" on an unborn branch used to consider anything in the work
+ tree and the index discardable.
+* "git diff -b/w" did not work well on the incomplete line at the end of
+ the file, due to an incorrect hashing of lines in the low-level xdiff
+ routines.
+* "git checkout-index --prefix=$somewhere" used to work when $somewhere is
+ a symbolic link to a directory elsewhere, but v1.6.4.2 broke it.
+* "git unpack-objects --strict", invoked when receive.fsckobjects
+ configuration is set in the receiving repository of "git push", did not
+ properly check the objects, especially the submodule links, it received.
+Other minor documentation updates are included.