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+GIT v1.6.1.2 Release Notes
+Fixes since v1.6.1.1
+* The logic for rename detectin in internal diff used by commands like
+ "git diff" and "git blame" have been optimized to avoid loading the same
+ blob repeatedly.
+* We did not allow writing out a blob that is larger than 2GB for no good
+ reason.
+* "git format-patch -o $dir", when $dir is a relative directory, used it
+ as relative to the root of the work tree, not relative to the current
+ directory.
+* v1.6.1 introduced an optimization for "git push" into a repository (A)
+ that borrows its objects from another repository (B) to avoid sending
+ objects that are available in repository B, when they are not yet used
+ by repository A. However the code on the "git push" sender side was
+ buggy and did not work when repository B had new objects that are not
+ known by the sender. This caused pushing into a "forked" repository
+ served by v1.6.1 software using "git push" from v1.6.1 sometimes did not
+ work. The bug was purely on the "git push" sender side, and has been
+ corrected.
+* "git status -v" did not paint its diff output in colour even when
+ color.ui configuration was set.
+* "git ls-tree" learned --full-tree option to help Porcelain scripts that
+ want to always see the full path regardless of the current working
+ directory.
+* "git grep" incorrectly searched in work tree paths even when they are
+ marked as assume-unchanged. It now searches in the index entries.
+* "git gc" with no grace period needlessly ejected packed but unreachable
+ objects in their loose form, only to delete them right away.