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+GIT v1.6.1.1 Release Notes
+Fixes since v1.6.1
+* "git add frotz/nitfol" when "frotz" is a submodule should have errored
+ out, but it didn't.
+* "git apply" took file modes from the patch text and updated the mode
+ bits of the target tree even when the patch was not about mode changes.
+* "git bisect view" on Cygwin did not launch gitk
+* "git checkout $tree" did not trigger an error.
+* "git commit" tried to remove COMMIT_EDITMSG from the work tree by mistake.
+* "git describe --all" complained when a commit is described with a tag,
+ which was nonsense.
+* "git diff --no-index --" did not trigger no-index (aka "use git-diff as
+ a replacement of diff on untracked files") behaviour.
+* "git format-patch -1 HEAD" on a root commit failed to produce patch
+ text.
+* "git fsck branch" did not work as advertised; instead it behaved the same
+ way as "git fsck".
+* "git log --pretty=format:%s" did not handle a multi-line subject the
+ same way as built-in log listers (i.e. shortlog, --pretty=oneline, etc.)
+* "git daemon", and "git merge-file" are more careful when freopen fails
+ and barf, instead of going on and writing to unopened filehandle.
+* "git http-push" did not like some RFC 4918 compliant DAV server
+ responses.
+* "git merge -s recursive" mistakenly overwritten an untracked file in the
+ work tree upon delete/modify conflict.
+* "git merge -s recursive" didn't leave the index unmerged for entries with
+ rename/delete conflictd.
+* "git merge -s recursive" clobbered untracked files in the work tree.
+* "git mv -k" with more than one errorneous paths misbehaved.
+* "git read-tree -m -u" hence branch switching incorrectly lost a
+ subdirectory in rare cases.
+* "git rebase -i" issued an unnecessary error message upon a user error of
+ marking the first commit to be "squash"ed.
+* "git shortlog" did not format a commit message with multi-line
+ subject correctly.
+Many documentation updates.