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modifying paragraphs or option/command explanations that contain options
or commands:
- Literal examples (e.g. use of command-line options, command names, and
- configuration variables) are typeset in monospace, and if you can use
- `backticks around word phrases`, do so.
+ Literal examples (e.g. use of command-line options, command names,
+ configuration and environment variables) must be typeset in monospace (i.e.
+ wrapped with backticks):
`git rev-list`
+ An environment variable must be prefixed with "$" only when referring to its
+ value and not when referring to the variable itself, in this case there is
+ nothing to add except the backticks:
+ `GIT_DIR` is specified
+ `$GIT_DIR/hooks/pre-receive`
Word phrases enclosed in `backtick characters` are rendered literally
and will not be further expanded. The use of `backticks` to achieve the