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diff --git a/count-delta.c b/count-delta.c
index 978a60c..058a2aa 100644
--- a/count-delta.c
+++ b/count-delta.c
@@ -16,11 +16,7 @@
* Number of bytes that are _not_ copied from the source is deletion,
* and number of inserted literal bytes are addition, so sum of them
- * is the extent of damage. xdelta can express an edit that copies
- * data inside of the destination which originally came from the
- * source. We do not count that in the following routine, so we are
- * undercounting the source material that remains in the final output
- * that way.
+ * is the extent of damage.
int count_delta(void *delta_buf, unsigned long delta_size,
unsigned long *src_copied, unsigned long *literal_added)