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@@ -52,14 +52,13 @@ OPTIONS
If the number of loose objects exceeds the value of the ``
configuration variable, then all loose objects are combined into a
-single pack using `git repack -d -l`. Setting the value of ``
+single pack. Setting the value of ``
to 0 disables automatic packing of loose objects.
If the number of packs exceeds the value of `gc.autoPackLimit`,
then existing packs (except those marked with a `.keep` file
or over `gc.bigPackThreshold` limit)
-are consolidated into a single pack by using the `-A` option of
-'git repack'.
+are consolidated into a single pack.
If the amount of memory is estimated not enough for `git repack` to
run smoothly and `gc.bigPackThreshold` is not set, the largest
pack will also be excluded (this is the equivalent of running `git gc`