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diff --git a/Documentation/git-rev-parse.txt b/Documentation/git-rev-parse.txt
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@@ -184,10 +184,13 @@ scripts the same facilities C builtins have. It works as an option normalizer
(e.g. splits single switches aggregate values), a bit like `getopt(1)` does.
It takes on the standard input the specification of the options to parse and
-understand, and echoes on the standard output a line suitable for `sh(1)` `eval`
+understand, and echoes on the standard output a string suitable for `sh(1)` `eval`
to replace the arguments with normalized ones. In case of error, it outputs
usage on the standard error stream, and exits with code 129.
+Note: Make sure you quote the result when passing it to `eval`. See
+below for an example.
Input Format
@@ -244,7 +247,7 @@ bar= some cool option --bar with an argument
An option group Header
C? option C with an optional argument"
-eval `echo "$OPTS_SPEC" | git rev-parse --parseopt -- "$@" || echo exit $?`
+eval "$(echo "$OPTS_SPEC" | git rev-parse --parseopt -- "$@" || echo exit $?)"