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@@ -1090,11 +1090,6 @@ server like git Native transport does. Any stock HTTP server
that does not even support directory index would suffice. But
you must prepare your repository with `git-update-server-info`
to help dumb transport downloaders.
-There are (confusingly enough) `git-ssh-fetch` and `git-ssh-upload`
-programs, which are 'commit walkers'; they outlived their
-usefulness when git Native and SSH transports were introduced,
-and are not used by `git pull` or `git push` scripts.
Once you fetch from the remote repository, you `merge` that
with your current branch.
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@@ -14,12 +14,12 @@ SYNOPSIS
Acts as a filter, extracting the commit ID stored in archives created by
-git-tar-tree. It reads only the first 1024 bytes of input, thus its
+gitlink:git-archive[1]. It reads only the first 1024 bytes of input, thus its
runtime is not influenced by the size of <tarfile> very much.
If no commit ID is found, git-get-tar-commit-id quietly exists with a
return code of 1. This can happen if <tarfile> had not been created
-using git-tar-tree or if the first parameter of git-tar-tree had been
+using git-archive or if the <treeish> parameter of git-archive had been
a tree ID instead of a commit ID or tag.