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@@ -4,6 +4,38 @@ GIT v1.5.2 Release Notes (draft)
Updates since v1.5.1
+* Plumbing level subproject support.
+ You can include a subdirectory that has an independent git
+ repository in your index and tree objects as a
+ "subproject". This plumbing (i.e. "core") level subproject
+ support explicitly excludes recursive behaviour.
+ The "subproject" entries in the index and trees are
+ incompatible with older versions of git. Experimenting with
+ the plumbing level support is encouraged, but be warned that
+ unless everybody in your project updates to this release or
+ later, using this feature would make your project
+ inaccessible by people with older versions of git.
+* Plumbing level gitattributes support.
+ The gitattributes mechanism allows you to add 'attributes' to
+ paths in your project, and affect the way certain git
+ operations work. Currently you can influence if a path is
+ considered a binary or text (the former would be treated by
+ 'git diff' not to produce textual output; the latter can go
+ through the line endings conversion process in repositories
+ with core.autocrlf set), and specify a custom 3-way merge
+ driver.
+* The packfile format now optionally suports 64-bit index.
+ This release supports the "version 2" format of the .idx
+ file. This is automatically enabled when a huge packfile
+ needs more than 32-bit to express offsets of objects in the
+ pack
* New commands and options.
- "git bisect start" can optionally take a single bad commit and
@@ -17,6 +49,10 @@ Updates since v1.5.1
- "git format-patch" learned a new --subject-prefix=<string>
option, to override the built-in "[PATCH]".
+ - "git add -u" is a quick way to do the first stage of "git
+ commit -a" (i.e. update the index to match the working
+ tree); it obviously does not make a commit.
* Updated behavior of existing commands.
- "git diff --stat" shows size of preimage and postimage blobs
@@ -41,6 +77,16 @@ Updates since v1.5.1
- "git archive" does not insist you to give --format parameter
anymore; it defaults to "tar".
+ - "git cvsserver" can use backends other than sqlite.
+ - "gitview" (in contrib/ section) learned to better support
+ "git-annotate".
+ - Local "git fetch" from a repository whose object store is
+ one of the alternates (e.g. fetching from the origin in a
+ repository created with "git clone -l -s") avoids
+ downloading objects unnecessary.
* Builds
- git-p4import has never been installed; now there is an
@@ -65,34 +111,11 @@ Updates since v1.5.1
Fixes since v1.5.1
-The following are all in v1.5.1.x series, unless otherwise noted.
-* Documentation updates
- - Various documentation updates from J. Bruce Fields, Frank
- Lichtenheld, Alex Riesen and others. Andrew Ruder started a
- war on undocumented options.
+All of the fixes in v1.5.1 maintenance series are included in
+this release, unless otherwise noted.
* Bugfixes
- - "git diff a/ b/" incorrectly fell in "diff between two
- filesystem objects" codepath, when the user most likely
- wanted to limit the extent of output to two tracked
- directories.
- - git-quiltimport had the same bug as we fixed for
- git-applymbox in v1.5.1.1 -- it gave an alarming "did not
- have any patch" message (but did not actually fail and was
- harmless).
- - various git-svn fixes.
- - Sample update hook incorrectly always refused requests to
- delete branches through push.
- - git-blame on a very long working tree path had buffer
- overrun problem.
- Switching branches with "git checkout" refused to work when
a path changes from a file to a directory between the
current branch and the new branch, in order not to lose
@@ -110,10 +133,12 @@ The following are all in v1.5.1.x series, unless otherwise noted.
will not be backported to 1.5.1.x series, as it is rather an
intrusive change.
+* Documentation updates
* Performance Tweaks
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echo O=`git describe refs/heads/master`
git shortlog --no-merges $O..refs/heads/master ^refs/heads/maint