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Git v1.7.3.3 Release Notes
+In addition to the usual fixes, this release also includes support for
+the new "add.ignoreErrors" name given to the existing "add.ignore-errors"
+configuration variable.
+The next version, Git 1.7.4, and future versions, will support both
+old and incorrect name and the new corrected name, but without this
+backport, users who want to use the new name "add.ignoreErrors" in
+their repositories cannot use older versions of Git.
Fixes since v1.7.3.2
@@ -42,5 +51,4 @@ Fixes since v1.7.3.2
* "git-p4" (in contrib/) did not correctly handle deleted files.
-Other minor fixes and documentation updates may be included.
+Other minor fixes and documentation updates are also included.
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