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@@ -92,24 +92,11 @@ Fixes since v1.7.3
All of the fixes in v1.7.3.X maintenance series are included in this
release, unless otherwise noted.
- * Smart HTTP transport used to incorrectly retry redirected POST
- request with GET request (311e2ea006).
- * "git apply" did not correctly handle patches that only change modes
- if told to apply while stripping leading paths with -p option (aae1f6ac).
- * "git apply" can deal with patches with timezone formatted with a
- colon between the hours and minutes part (e.g. "-08:00" instead of
- "-0800").
* "git checkout" removed an untracked file "foo" from the working
tree when switching to a branch that contains a tracked path
"foo/bar". Prevent this, just like the case where the conflicting
path were "foo" (c752e7f..7980872d).
- * "git diff --check" reported an incorrect line number for added
- blank lines at the end of file (8837d335).
* "git log --author=me --author=her" did not find commits written by
me or by her; instead it looked for commits written by me and by
her, which is impossible.