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@@ -28,7 +28,9 @@ OPTIONS
Limit to only refs/heads and refs/tags, respectively.
These options are _not_ mutually exclusive; when given
both, references stored in refs/heads and refs/tags are
- displayed.
+ displayed. Note that `git ls-remote -h` used without
+ anything else on the command line gives help, consistent
+ with other git subcommands.
Do not show peeled tags or pseudorefs like HEAD in the output.
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--- a/Documentation/gitcli.txt
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@@ -120,6 +120,11 @@ usage: git describe [<options>] <commit-ish>*
--long always use long format
--abbrev[=<n>] use <n> digits to display SHA-1s
+Note that some subcommand (e.g. `git grep`) may behave differently
+when there are things on the command line other than `-h`, but `git
+subcmd -h` without anything else on the command line is meant to
+consistently give the usage.
Some Git commands take options that are only used for plumbing or that