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+GIT v1.5.4.5 Release Notes
+Fixes since v1.5.4.4
+ * You couldn't specify a custom editor whose path contains a whitespace
+ via GIT_EDITOR (and core.editor).
+ * The subdirectory filter to "git filter-branch" mishandled a history
+ where the subdirectory becomes empty and then later becomes non-empty.
+ * "git shortlog" gave an empty line if the original commit message was
+ malformed (e.g. a botched import from foreign SCM). Now it finds the
+ first non-empty line and uses it for better information.
+ * When the user fails to give a revision parameter to "git svn", an error
+ from the Perl interpreter was issued because the script lacked proper
+ error checking.
+ * After "git rebase" stopped due to conflicts, if the user played with
+ "git reset" and friends, "git rebase --abort" failed to go back to the
+ correct commit.
+ * Additional work trees prepared with git-new-workdir (in contrib/) did
+ not share git-svn metadata directory .git/svn with the original.
+ * "git-merge-recursive" did not mark addition of the same path with
+ different filemodes correctly as a conflict.
+ * "gitweb" gave malformed URL when pathinfo stype paths are in use.
+ * "-n" stands for "--no-tags" again for "git fetch".
+ * "git format-patch" did not detect the need to add 8-bit MIME header
+ when the user used format.header configuration.
+ * "rev~" revision specifier used to mean "rev", which was inconsistent
+ with how "rev^" worked. Now "rev~" is the same as "rev~1" (hence it
+ also is the same as "rev^1"), and "rev~0" is the same as "rev^0"
+ (i.e. it has to be a commit).
+ * "git quiltimport" did not grok empty lines, lines in "file -pNNN"
+ format to specify the prefix levels and lines with trailing comments.
+ * "git rebase -m" triggered pre-commit verification, which made
+ "rebase --continue" impossible.
+exec >/var/tmp/1
+echo O=$(git describe maint)
+git shortlog --no-merges $O..maint
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@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ continue_merge () {
cmt=`cat "$dotest/current"`
if ! git diff-index --quiet HEAD --
- if ! git-commit -C "$cmt"
+ if ! git commit --no-verify -C "$cmt"
echo "Commit failed, please do not call \"git commit\""
echo "directly, but instead do one of the following: "