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Merge branch 'bc/maint-keep-pack' into maint
* bc/maint-keep-pack: repack: only unpack-unreachable if we are deleting redundant packs t7700: test that 'repack -a' packs alternate packed objects pack-objects: extend --local to mean ignore non-local loose objects too sha1_file.c: split has_loose_object() into local and non-local counterparts t7700: demonstrate mishandling of loose objects in an alternate ODB builtin-gc.c: use new pack_keep bitfield to detect .keep file existence repack: do not fall back to incremental repacking with [-a|-A] repack: don't repack local objects in packs with .keep file pack-objects: new option --honor-pack-keep packed_git: convert pack_local flag into a bitfield and add pack_keep t7700: demonstrate mishandling of objects in packs with a .keep file
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