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http-fetch: make `-a` standard behaviour
This is a follow-up to a6c786fce8 (Mark http-fetch without -a as deprecated, 2011-08-23). For more than six years, we have been warning when `-a` is not provided, and the documentation has been saying that `-a` will become the default. It is a bit unclear what "default" means here. There is no such thing as `http-fetch --no-a`. But according to my searches, no-one has been asking on the mailing list how they should silence the warning and prepare for overriding the flipped default. So let's assume that everybody is happy with `-a`. They should be, since not using it may break the repo in such a way that Git itself is unable to fix it. Always behave as if `-a` was given. Since `-a` implies `-c` (get commit objects) and `-t` (get trees), all three options are now unnecessary. Document all of these as historical artefacts that have no effect. Leave no-op code for handling these options in http-fetch.c. The options-handling is currently rather loose. If someone tightens it, we will not want these ignored options to accidentally turn into hard errors. Since `-a` was the only safe and sane usage and we have been pushing people towards it for a long time, refrain from warning when it is used "unnecessarily" now. Similarly, do not add anything scary-looking to the man-page about how it will be removed in the future. We can always do so later. (It is not like we are in desperate need of freeing up one-letter arguments.) Signed-off-by: Martin Ågren <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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