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sparse: Fix errors due to missing target-specific variables
In particular, sparse issues the following errors: attr.c:472:43: error: undefined identifier 'ETC_GITATTRIBUTES' config.c:821:43: error: undefined identifier 'ETC_GITCONFIG' exec_cmd.c:14:37: error: undefined identifier 'PREFIX' exec_cmd.c:83:28: error: undefined identifier 'GIT_EXEC_PATH' builtin/help.c:328:46: error: undefined identifier 'GIT_MAN_PATH' builtin/help.c:374:40: error: undefined identifier 'GIT_INFO_PATH' builtin/help.c:382:45: error: undefined identifier 'GIT_HTML_PATH' git.c:96:42: error: undefined identifier 'GIT_HTML_PATH' git.c:241:35: error: invalid initializer http.c:293:43: error: undefined identifier 'GIT_HTTP_USER_AGENT' which is caused by not passing the target-specific additions to the EXTRA_CPPFLAGS variable to cgcc. In order to fix the problem, we define a new sparse target which depends on a set of non-existent "sparse object" files (*.sp) which correspond to the set of C source files. In addition to the new target, we also provide a new pattern rule for "creating" the sparse object files from the source files by running cgcc. This allows us to add '*.sp' to the rules setting the target-specific EXTRA_CPPFLAGS variable, which is then included in the new pattern rule to run cgcc. Also, we change the 'check' target to re-direct the user to the new sparse target. Signed-off-by: Ramsay Jones <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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