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vcs-svn: teach line_buffer to handle multiple input files
Collect the line_buffer state in a newly public line_buffer struct. Callers can use multiple line_buffers to manage input from multiple files at a time. svn-fe's delta applier will use this to stream a delta from svnrdump and the preimage it applies to from fast-import at the same time. The tests don't take advantage of the new features, but I think that's okay. It is easier to find lingering examples of nonreentrant code by searching for "static" in line_buffer.c. Signed-off-by: Jonathan Nieder <>
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@@ -14,14 +14,15 @@ Calling sequence
The calling program:
+ - initializes a `struct line_buffer` to LINE_BUFFER_INIT
- specifies a file to read with `buffer_init`
- processes input with `buffer_read_line`, `buffer_read_string`,
`buffer_skip_bytes`, and `buffer_copy_bytes`
- closes the file with `buffer_deinit`, perhaps to start over and
read another file.
-Before exiting, the caller can use `buffer_reset` to deallocate
-resources for the benefit of profiling tools.
+When finished, the caller can use `buffer_reset` to deallocate