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combine-diff: support format_callback
This teaches combine-diff machinery to feed a combined merge to a callback function when DIFF_FORMAT_CALLBACK is specified. So far, format callback functions are not used for anything but 2-way diffs. A callback is given a diff_queue_struct, which is an array of diff_filepair. As its name suggests, a diff_filepair is a _pair_ of diff_filespec that represents a single preimage and a single postimage. Since "diff -c" is to compare N parents with a single merge result and filter out any paths whose result match one (or more) of the parent(s), its output has to be able to represent N preimages and 1 postimage. For this reason, a callback function that inspects a diff_filepair that results from this new infrastructure can and is expected to view the preimage side (i.e. pair->one) as an array of diff_filespec. Each element in the array, except for the last one, is marked with "has_more_entries" bit, so that the same callback function can be used for 2-way diffs and combined diffs. Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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