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transport-helper: skip ls-refs if unnecessary
Commit e70a3030e7 ("fetch: do not list refs if fetching only hashes", 2018-10-07) and its ancestors taught Git, as an optimization, to skip the ls-refs step when it is not necessary during a protocol v2 fetch (for example, when lazy fetching a missing object in a partial clone, or when running "git fetch --no-tags <remote> <SHA-1>"). But that was only done for natively supported protocols; in particular, HTTP was not supported. Teach Git to skip ls-refs when using remote helpers that support connect or stateless-connect. To do this, fetch() is made an acceptable entry point. Because fetch() can now be the first function in the vtable called, "get_helper(transport);" has to be added to the beginning of that function to set the transport up (if not yet set up) before process_connect() is invoked. When fetch() is called, the transport could be taken over (this happens if "connect" or "stateless-connect" is successfully run without any "fallback" response), or not. If the transport is taken over, execution continues like execution for natively supported protocols (fetch_refs_via_pack() is executed, which will fetch refs using ls-refs if needed). If not, the remote helper interface will invoke get_refs_list() if it hasn't been invoked yet, preserving existing behavior. Signed-off-by: Jonathan Tan <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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