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trace2: use system/global config for default trace2 settings
Teach git to read the system and global config files for default Trace2 settings. This allows system-wide Trace2 settings to be installed and inherited to make it easier to manage a collection of systems. The original GIT_TR2* environment variables are loaded afterwards and can be used to override the system settings. Only the system and global config files are used. Repo and worktree local config files are ignored. Likewise, the "-c" command line arguments are also ignored. These limits are for performance reasons. (1) For users not using Trace2, there should be minimal overhead to detect that Trace2 is not enabled. In particular, Trace2 should not allocate lots of otherwise unused data strucutres. (2) For accurate performance measurements, Trace2 should be initialized as early in the git process as possible, and before most of the normal git process initialization (which involves discovering the .git directory and reading a hierarchy of config files). Signed-off-by: Jeff Hostetler <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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