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Merge branch 'svn-fe' of git:// into jn/svn-fe
This simplifies svn-fe a great deal and fulfills a longstanding wish: support for dumps with deltas in them, and incremental imports. The cost is that commandline usage of the svn-fe tool becomes a little more complicated since it no longer keeps state itself but instead reads blobs back from fast-import in order to copy them between revisions and apply deltas to them. Also removes a couple of custom data structures and replaces them with strbufs like other parts of Git. * 'svn-fe' of git:// (32 commits) vcs-svn: reset first_commit_done in fast_export_init vcs-svn: do not initialize report_buffer twice vcs-svn: avoid hangs from corrupt deltas vcs-svn: guard against overflow when computing preimage length vcs-svn: cap number of bytes read from sliding view test-svn-fe: split off "test-svn-fe -d" into a separate function vcs-svn: implement text-delta handling vcs-svn: let deltas use data from preimage vcs-svn: let deltas use data from postimage vcs-svn: verify that deltas consume all inline data vcs-svn: implement copyfrom_data delta instruction vcs-svn: read instructions from deltas vcs-svn: read inline data from deltas vcs-svn: read the preimage when applying deltas vcs-svn: parse svndiff0 window header vcs-svn: skeleton of an svn delta parser vcs-svn: make buffer_read_binary API more convenient vcs-svn: learn to maintain a sliding view of a file Makefile: list one vcs-svn/xdiff object or header per line vcs-svn: avoid using ls command twice ... Conflicts: Makefile contrib/svn-fe/svn-fe.txt
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diff --git a/test-string-pool.c b/test-string-pool.c
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--- a/test-string-pool.c
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,31 +0,0 @@
- * test-string-pool.c: code to exercise the svn importer's string pool
- */
-#include "git-compat-util.h"
-#include "vcs-svn/string_pool.h"
-int main(int argc, char *argv[])
- const uint32_t unequal = pool_intern("does not equal");
- const uint32_t equal = pool_intern("equals");
- uint32_t buf[3];
- uint32_t n;
- if (argc != 2)
- usage("test-string-pool <string>,<string>");
- n = pool_tok_seq(3, buf, ",-", argv[1]);
- if (n >= 3)
- die("too many strings");
- if (n <= 1)
- die("too few strings");
- buf[2] = buf[1];
- buf[1] = (buf[0] == buf[2]) ? equal : unequal;
- pool_print_seq(3, buf, ' ', stdout);
- fputc('\n', stdout);
- pool_reset();
- return 0;