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unpack-trees: improve performance of next_cache_entry
To find the first non-unpacked cache entry, `next_cache_entry` iterates through index, starting at `cache_bottom`. The performance of this in full indexes is helped by `cache_bottom` advancing with each invocation of `mark_ce_used` (called by `unpack_index_entry`). However, the presence of sparse directories can prevent the `cache_bottom` from advancing in a sparse index case, effectively forcing `next_cache_entry` to search from the beginning of the index each time it is called. The `cache_bottom` must be preserved for the sparse index (see 17a1bb570b (unpack-trees: preserve cache_bottom, 2021-07-14)). Therefore, to retain the benefit `cache_bottom` provides in non-sparse index cases, a separate `hint` position indicates the first position `next_cache_entry` should search, updated each execution with a new position. Signed-off-by: Victoria Dye <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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