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authorJeff King <>2017-10-03 13:46:06 (GMT)
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color: make "always" the same as "auto" in config
It can be handy to use `--color=always` (or it's synonym `--color`) on the command-line to convince a command to produce color even if it's stdout isn't going to the terminal or a pager. What's less clear is whether it makes sense to set config variables like color.ui to `always`. For a one-shot like: git -c color.ui=always ... it's potentially useful (especially if the command doesn't directly support the `--color` option). But setting `always` in your on-disk config is much muddier, as you may be surprised when piped commands generate colors (and send them to whatever is consuming the pipe downstream). Some people have done this anyway, because: 1. The documentation for color.ui makes it sound like using `always` is a good idea, when you almost certainly want `auto`. 2. Traditionally not every command (and especially not plumbing) respected color.ui in the first place. So the confusion came up less frequently than it might have. The situation changed in 136c8c8b8f (color: check color.ui in git_default_config(), 2017-07-13), which negated point (2): now scripts using only plumbing commands (like add-interactive) are broken by this setting. That commit was fixing real issues (e.g., by making `color.ui=never` work, since `auto` is the default), so we don't want to just revert it. We could turn `always` into a noop in plumbing commands, but that creates a hard-to-explain inconsistency between the plumbing and other commands. Instead, let's just turn `always` into `auto` for all config. This does break the "one-shot" config shown above, but again, we're probably better to have simple and consistent rules than to try to special-case command-line config. There is one place where `always` should retain its meaning: on the command line, `--color=always` should continue to be the same as `--color`, overriding any isatty checks. Since the command-line parser also depends on git_config_colorbool(), we can use the existence of the "var" string to deterine whether we are serving the command-line or the config. Signed-off-by: Jeff King <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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@@ -483,4 +483,14 @@ test_expect_success 'hunk-editing handles custom comment char' '
git diff --exit-code
+test_expect_success 'add -p works even with color.ui=always' '
+ git reset --hard &&
+ echo change >>file &&
+ test_config color.ui always &&
+ echo y | git add -p &&
+ echo file >expect &&
+ git diff --cached --name-only >actual &&
+ test_cmp expect actual