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Merge branch 'js/git-gdb'
Allow easier debugging of a single "git" invocation in our test scripts. * js/git-gdb: test: facilitate debugging Git executables in tests with gdb
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@@ -563,6 +563,11 @@ library for your script to use.
argument. This is primarily meant for use during the
development of a new test script.
+ - debug <git-command>
+ Run a git command inside a debugger. This is primarily meant for
+ use when debugging a failing test script.
- test_done
Your test script must have test_done at the end. Its purpose
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@@ -145,6 +145,14 @@ test_pause () {
+# Wrap git in gdb. Adding this to a command can make it easier to
+# understand what is going on in a failing test.
+# Example: "debug git checkout master".
+debug () {
+ GIT_TEST_GDB=1 "$@"
# Call test_commit with the arguments "<message> [<file> [<contents> [<tag>]]]"
# This will commit a file with the given contents and the given commit