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authorÆvar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <>2021-09-06 07:33:29 (GMT)
committerJunio C Hamano <>2021-09-07 20:18:55 (GMT)
commitb996f84989f78c8f6d2429b5f0b9785e13f7af23 (patch)
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parentc95e3a3f0b8107b5dc7eac9dfdb9e5238280c9fb (diff)
send-email: fix a "first config key wins" regression in v2.33.0
Fix a regression in my c95e3a3f0b8 (send-email: move trivial config handling to Perl, 2021-05-28) where we'd pick the first config key out of multiple defined ones, instead of using the normal "last key wins" semantics of "git config --get". This broke e.g. cases where a .git/config would have a different sendemail.smtpServer than ~/.gitconfig. We'd pick the ~/.gitconfig over .git/config, instead of preferring the repository-local version. The same would go for /etc/gitconfig etc. The full list of impacted config keys (the %config_settings values which are references to scalars, not arrays) is: sendemail.smtpencryption sendemail.smtpserver sendemail.smtpserverport sendemail.smtpuser sendemail.smtppass sendemail.smtpdomain sendemail.smtpauth sendemail.smtpbatchsize sendemail.smtprelogindelay sendemail.tocmd sendemail.cccmd sendemail.aliasfiletype sendemail.envelopesender sendemail.confirm sendemail.from sendemail.assume8bitencoding sendemail.composeencoding sendemail.transferencoding sendemail.sendmailcmd I.e. having any of these set in say ~/.gitconfig and in-repo .git/config regressed in v2.33.0 to prefer the --global one over the --local. To test this add a test of config priority to one of these config variables, most don't have tests at all, but there was an existing one for sendemail.8bitEncoding. The "git config" (instead of "test_config") is somewhat of an anti-pattern, but follows established conventions in, likewise with any other pattern or idiom in this test. The populating of home/.gitconfig and setting of HOME= is copied from a test in added in 1ff750b128e (tests: make GIT_TEST_GETTEXT_POISON a boolean, 2019-06-21). This test fails without this bugfix, but now it works. Reported-by: Eli Schwartz <> Tested-by: Eli Schwartz <> Signed-off-by: Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason <> Signed-off-by: Junio C Hamano <>
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diff --git a/t/ b/t/
index 612de09..fd680a9 100755
--- a/t/
+++ b/t/
@@ -1533,6 +1533,21 @@ test_expect_success $PREREQ 'sendemail.8bitEncoding works' '
test_cmp content-type-decl actual
+test_expect_success $PREREQ 'sendemail.8bitEncoding in .git/config overrides --global .gitconfig' '
+ clean_fake_sendmail &&
+ git config sendemail.assume8bitEncoding UTF-8 &&
+ test_when_finished "rm -rf home" &&
+ mkdir home &&
+ git config -f home/.gitconfig sendemail.assume8bitEncoding "bogus too" &&
+ echo bogus |
+ env HOME="$(pwd)/home" DEBUG=1 \
+ git send-email \
+ --smtp-server="$(pwd)/fake.sendmail" \
+ email-using-8bit >stdout &&
+ egrep "Content|MIME" msgtxt1 >actual &&
+ test_cmp content-type-decl actual
test_expect_success $PREREQ '--8bit-encoding overrides sendemail.8bitEncoding' '
clean_fake_sendmail &&
git config sendemail.assume8bitEncoding "bogus too" &&